Interface manufactures cable assemblies and cable harnesses, both custom and standard for various industries including test equipment manufacturers, telecommunication, medical and defense. With a facility over 10,000 sq/ft including vertical molding machines, automatic cutting & stripping machines and other related equipment, the facility holds an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate.

With an experience of 25 years, we are now proud to introduce our own brand “Interface”, ranging from a wide variety of connectors, cables and adapters & multiport hubs.

Interface: established its first manufacturing facility to manufacture standard and customized cable assemblies and harnesses at Bangalore managed by a professional and well experienced team. The products manufactured are discrete wire harness and assembly, flat cable assemblies, standard and customized. The factory is well equipped with automatic wire cutting and stripping machines, molding machines, terminal crimping machines, micro test testing machine.

Facilities: moulding machines I terminal crimping machines I modular plugs crimping machines I automatic wire cutting machines I stripping machines | microtest make harness & cable assembly testing equipment | motorised terminal tensile tester | DSX 5000 cable analyzer includes patch cord adapters for category 5e, 6 patch cord | Mitutoyo Height Comparator. ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified facility (click to view the certificate)

Interface: 在班加羅爾建立了第一家製造標準和定制電纜組件和 線束的工廠,由一支專業且經驗豐富的團隊管理。 生產的產品是 線束和組裝,扁平電纜組件,標準和定制。 工廠配備自動線切割

剝線機,成型機,端子壓接機,微測試機。 設備:成型機I端子壓接機I模塊化插頭壓接機I自動線切割機I剝線 機I Microtest製造線束和電纜組件測試設備I電動端子拉伸測試儀IDSX 5000電纜分析儀包括用於5e類, 6個貼片的跳線適配器 繩子 |Mitutoyo高度比較器。

ISO 9001:2015 QMS認證設施