UNITEK fully understands that the people’s mind is always complex and keeps changing. People want something familiar yet they want something new. They want to play safely but they also want to push their limits. Everyone is dealing with these desires and ambitions every day and these make us human. That is why UNITEK aspires to be human-friendly, and creates useful and mindful technology that directly meet people’s complex needs, to lets people be people.


UNITEK develops human-friendly products to help everyone be their best since 2001, serve multi-level customers including enterprises, governments, schools and end-users in more than 60 countries around the world. This goes deeper than simple convenience, or chasing the latest trendy lifestyles, or ticking boxes. Human-friendly means being user-friendly, eco-friendly, partner-friendly.


Interface Connectronics is proud to affiliate with Unitek as partner in India.

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